Velichka Pavlova

My father died of colon cancer and doctors advised me to get tested as this disease is genetic. I did not follow the advise and 4 years later I had a very serious bleeding with dark blood. Again I did not pay much attention to it, but the bleedings continued every day for almost a week and I got scared. I visited a doctor and he suggested emergency colonoscopy. During the colonoscopy they removed 3 large pre-cancerous polyps and the doctor said that after three months I would have to undergo another colonoscopy because new polyps would grow for certain.

A friend recommended the HEALTH tincture and I immediately started taking it. I didn’t have much time and I was very afraid of the possible growth of new polyps. For three months I took HEALTH tincture – 20 drops 6 times per day – and anxiously waited for the time to pass.

To my greatest happiness doctors were very surprised during the colonoscopy as not only did they find nothing, but the intestinal mucosa was absolutely healthy. I couldn’t be more happier! I was so relived! I continue taking the HEALTH tincture as prophylactics and I strongly recommend it to my relatives and friends.

This tincture saved me from something horrible! Thank you!

Velichka Pavlova, Veliko Tarnovo

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