Sylvia Spassova

Last year I got a very serious flu which developed into bilateral pneumonia. I was admitted to hospital and took two antibiotics. But after that my problems continued. Two months after leaving the hospital I became sick again, but somehow managed to stabilize my health. Then in January my father died and most likely from the shock I got sick again. It all started with sneezing, runny nose, fatigue and a feeling of fever, but without one. I also got coughs. I also have chronic sinusitis, which aggravates every March or April and I have to take antibiotic for the pus and headaches. So in January my immune system collapsed and I started taking various medications, but without much effect.

A pharmacist I knew suggested I try the IMMUNE tincture. I immediately bought it and started taking it. After almost a year of suffering, this winter for the first time I didn’t use any antibiotics. Even during the summer I don’t have any problem. Everyone around me had an enterocolitis virus, but I took the IMMUNE tincture and stayed healthy. I am extremely happy that I have found my treatment and recommend it strongly to everyone! It will boost their immune system!

Sylvia Spassova, Varna

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