Plamena Angelova

My name is Plamena Angelova and I am from Varna. Two years ago, I had severe pain and swelling in some of the joints of my fingers and hands, with more swelling and pain in my right hand. At some point, I couldn’t do almost anything with my hands. Even when I was doing nothing a joint was having a one-sided swelling – like a knot about 6-7 mm in size – and it was itching and hurting a little.

I went to be tested for arthritis and the results showed that I had it. I started taking huge doses of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications – injections and pills. I damaged my liver and gallbladder, but the swelling and itching continued. After another dose of medications, my doctor advised me to try the STAVIXINE tincture. I took STAVIXINE for 8 months and the adhesions disappeared. The swellings too. I used the VENIGREEN ointment on my hands every day to soothe the itching, which also went away. My skin became tender and soft.

Now I take the STAVIXINE tincture every other month. I take it for a month and then I take a month break and I feel good. I can cook, wash dishes and clean. Before I couldn’t wash dishes at all! Now I do my daily chores seamlessly. I am going to continue to take the STAVIXINE tincture, because it helps me feel better. I will write another review in six months.

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