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Интервю с Венера Василева

About us

Venera Vasileva is a health consultant and creator of the course “The challenge – 30 days without sugar” and “How to have a healthy heart”. She is a producer of herbal natural products and food supplements. Up to now Venera has patented 6 health products. She has worked long years together with professors from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

She has been helping people who are suffering from problems with their gastrointestinal tract, the locomotor system or cardiovascular disorders using herbal, natural products.

What makes the difference between Venera’s work and the other producers of herbal products is that she achieves guaranteed results through the natural energy of nature, without artificial additives, risky side effects and all this at good price. Another unique feature that characterizes her approach is that she provides specific guidance and many ready-made solutions (some of which of her own experience), continuous monitoring and support until results are achieved.

Thanks to that her clients stop the pain and get back their happiness of movement. What is best they enjoy health and longevity.

All the products of the trademark Health Again are certified and some of them are internationally approved. They meet high technological standards and requirements.

Let’s act:
Make invisible change and achieve visible results!


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