Krasimira Stefanova

I was diagnosed with varicose veins. I had pain, swelling and itching. On my right leg, the vein was so swollen and twisted that I couldn’t take my clothes off on the beach or wear short skirts. The worse was the pain and the swelling. Doctors insisted on surgery. I decided to delay it and started looking for other treatments to deal with this problem.

I accidentally discovered the VENIGREEN tincture and VENIGREEN ointment and started treatment. I took VENIGREEN tincture three times per day and applied VENIGREEN ointment four times per day. Within two months, the veins retracted, the swelling and pain disappeared and I started wearing short skirts again. I didn’t have to worry about going to the beach. Instead of being in surgery I was on the sea beach! I continue to take VENIGREEN tincture every three months because it strengthenes my vascular system and even Doppler sonography doesn’t find any problems. I apply VENIGREEN ointment as prophylactic. I highly recommend both products for anyone who suffers from my problem!

You be healthy too! Thank you again for your unique products!

Krasimira Stefanova, Yambol

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