Kalina Metodieva

I want to tell you about the horror I experienced a year ago. I got varicose veins from standing for 12 hours every day. In the summer I couldn’t take my shoes off, my veins looked like hanging ropes. At night I was having incredible pain, itching and swelling. I slept on pillows to relieve the tension, but after couple of hours after getting up they were swollen again. I was wearing special socks and in the heat things got scary!!! My doctor told me that I had 2nd stage of varicose veins and my only option was surgery. I was very scared because of my mother had two unsuccessful surgeries.

I started looking for alternative treatments and I discovered the VENIGREEN tincture and VENIGREEN ointment. After only 7 days of using both, I the pain started to decrease and the swelling was less pronounced. I also gave the tincture and the ointment to my mother because she was worse than before the surgery. I noticed that her improvement was a little slower than mine, but they had an effect on her too.

I used VENIGREEN tincture and VENIGREEN ointment for almost 6 months. Then my doctor did a Doppler sonography to check on the veins status and the results were excellent. I was healthy again! And it was visible too. My veins don’t look not like ropes anymore, I don’t have swellings, nor do I have pain and itching. I went on a 10-days sea vacation for the first time in a long while and I didn’t have any problems.

My mother also did a treatment course for almost 8 months and now she is much better. Because of the surgery, this is the maximum that can happen to her, but I am happy that she hasn’t got pain, the inflammation has disappeared and the veins retracted after taking VENIGREEN tincture.

Thank you! Be healthy!

Kalina Metodieva, Sofia

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