Ivanka Petrova

My name is Ivanka Petrova and I am from Sofia. 4 years ago I had serious bowel problems – gurgling, swelling, constipation, and cramps, not to mention that I could hardly eat anything as I had continuous heartburn. I visited many gastroenterologists and they all prescribed different medications. I improved for a while and then the symptoms returned. This nightmare lasted nearly 1 year.

My GP suggested I try herbs. I had nothing to lose because until then I have done many things, but the results were only temporary. I started taking HEALTH tincture. By the second day, the gases and colics subsided and the taste in my mouth returned to normal. After 2 months of daily intake I almost forgot that I had a problem and started eating foods that I didn’t even want to look before. I took HEALTH tincture for 6 months and the colonoscopy showed no sign of the irritable bowel syndrome. The acids in my mouth have disappeared completely and now for over 2 years I have no bowel problems! I strongly recommend the HEALTH tincture!

Ivanka Petrova, Sofia

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