How to Relieve Lower Back, Neck and Back Pain without Taking Medicine?

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Lower back, neck and back pain, restless sleep at night, and tension throughout the day… Does this sound familiar? Most likely the answer is “yes” as lower back and back pain are among the most common neurological conditions. According to various studies, about 70 to 75% of the people worldwide complain of back pain. This discomfort affects predominantly women over the age of 45, but often back pain spares neither the younger people nor men. Some health professionals share that more young people suffer from neck, lower back and back pain – the age limit has dropped to 13 years.

What are the reasons for these discomforts?

The reasons are many and varied. Some of these include: a sedentary lifestyle, sitting at a desk all day, heavy manual labor, poor diet, uncomfortable shoes, weights overload, irregular movements, and last but not least – underestimating the early symptoms. The main, but not the only, causes of back pain are lack of sufficient movement and improper body position. Pain can also result from trauma, pregnancy or difficult birth, as well as in some metabolic bone disorders (for example osteoporosis). Some psychologists even think that mental problems and stress can lead to back pain and tension.

Also, we should not underestimate climate factors such as moisture and cold as the spine has receptors which are influenced by the changes in the outside temperature. Flu and other viral diseases that we face in the winter also attack the spine nerves.

Experts point out that the longer the pain continues without adequate treatment, the greater the risk of muscle spasms. They, in turn, can disrupt the normal blood circulation and thus cause severe mechanical damage to the spinal discs.

I was diagnosed with exostoses, but I don’t know what that is?

Very often constant and severe back pain results from the exostoses. They are accumulations of acid salts in the body which lead to the formation of bone substance at certain locations on the spine, significantly altering its mobility. The process is called osteochondrosis and inevitably affects everyone as they age.

How to relieve neck, back and lower back pain?

  1. Use ice as a treatment for back pain

When it is hot, instead of putting on a warming pad, place ice on your back or neck for 20 minutes. The goal is to prevent painful muscle cramps through cooling. (Do not place ice directly on the skin! Instead wrap it in a towel.) To maximize the benefits of freezing, you need to go though the following phases:

  • Cold;
  • Burning sensation;

This method is extremely effective for severe lower back, back and neck pain. It is a very good replacement of corticosteroid injections and medication.


  1. Use the swimming pool

If you want to prevent back, lower back and neck pain, then the swimming pool is your salvation. Swimming is the perfect exercise in the summer and you can enjoy it outdoors as well. It is the ideal exercise for lower back pain as it combines strengthening the entire spine and the heart muscle. It also has a strong tonic effect on the legs. However, if you cannot swim, then we recommend that you walk in the swimming pool. This will have a beneficial effect on the entire musculoskeletal system and will also strengthen the cardiovascular system. Water provides greater resistance, so walking in a swimming pool burns more calories and strengthens the body, further enhancing your muscles.


  1. Sit up with your back straight

You need to sit up with your back straight while working, traveling on the subway, sitting on the couch or standing up. In this way you take care of your spine’s health. Always be conscious about your body posture! Flex and tighten your stomach muscles. Imagine that the back of your head is attached to a rope that pulls you up and your spine is straight because the rope is pulling it. Most importantly, your shoulders should always be pulled back, but they also need to be relaxed.

Here is a good way to stretch your back: First, hold your hands and wrap your fingers. Stretch your chest forward. Your back should resemble the letter “S”. Pull your arms as far as you can. Repeat five times.

  1. Do not carry heavy objects

If your work requires you to carry heavy objects, always wear a special belt. If you need to lift heavy objects at home, be careful how you do it!

The best technique is to bend your knees, kneel close to the ground, pick up the object in your arms as if you were hugging it and then stand up. You must distribute the weight evenly on both hands.


  1. Use natural supplements to promote spine healt

If you want to avoid having pain and stiffness and to strengthen your musculoskeletal system, we suggest you use the HEALTHY JOINTS, HEALTHY LOWER BACK package. This is a special package which includes: 3 pcs. STAVIXINE tincture (with boswellia, tumeric root, black walnut, hyaluronic acid, hydrolysed collagen type II), 1 pc. BE HEALTHY pain relief gel (specifically designed to eliminate pain and stiffness) and 1 pc. VENIGREEN ointment (improves blood circulation).

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