How to Identify Diabetes?

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Diabetes is a treacherous disease as it has a lot of hidden symptoms. The problem is that if we are not health conscious, we may not even notice that we have a problem. Below you can read about the most common signs of diabetes. The good news is that if you become aware of these symptoms on time it will help you significantly to manage the disease.

1st sign: Frequent urination. You need to make a distinction between frequent urination and urinary tract infection. In case of infection you have not only frequent urges, but also burning, numbness, and pain during urination.

2nd sign: Feeling hungry all the time. Large percentage of the people with diabetes experience extreme hunger. This happens because glucose retains carbohydrates sending the insulin levels skyrocketing. If you start noticing that you want to eat often, do test your blood sugar levels.

3rd sign: Are you often in a bad and gloomy mood? Despite the fact that every now and then everybody experiences gloomy moods, if you are gloomy and sad every day, it is a good idea to check if there is another reason other than depression…

4th sign: You eat normally, but keep losing weight. If you have such a problem it is a good idea to check your blood sugar levels. Often, in the case of diabetes the incorrect processing of the nutrients urges the body to look for alternative ways to acquire energy.

5th sign: Are you often thirsty? You can find this question confusing, especially during summer months when your body needs more water. But frequent urination will make you constantly thirsty. Therefore, if you experience these two together, this may suggest that you need to test your blood sugar levels.

6th sign: Unusual weight loss. This is a common symptom of type 1 diabetes, when the body suffers from insulin deficiency. As a result, the body begins break down the muscles and fat stores in order to acquire energy. This can sometimes be seen in people with type 2 diabetes too, but the loss weight is temporary and less dramatic.

7th sign: Skin problems and infections. Often warning signs for diabetes are unexplained skin itching resulting from poor circulation or dry skin, or darkening of the skin around the neck or under the armpits. Frequently occurring genital fungal infections, skin infections (boils, pus-filled pimples, etc.), and urinary tract inflammation can also be signs for diabetes.

8th sign: Tingling and/or numbness. Itching, swelling and tingling of the hands and feet, accompanied by burning pain, may indicate that diabetes has been present for a while and has already damaged the nerves. If the blood glucose levels are high for too long and the patient does not take the necessary medications, then there is a risk of neuropathy (permanent nerve damage).

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We advise you to take the LONGEVITY tincture as prevention, especially if your relatives (mother, father, grandmother or grandfather) have diabetes. For all who already have prediabetes or type 1 or 2 diabetes, the LONGEVITY tincture is absolutely necessary as it will help them to regulate their blood sugar levels, give them more energy and improve the body’s overall state.

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Be healthy!

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and Health Again team

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