Gergana Rusimova

My husband was diagnosed with stomach ulcer. Doctors said it was huge and suggested surgery. However, we decided to try an alternative treatment before going for a surgery.
We found out about the Walnut Oil with Vitamin E and HEALTH tincture and started treating the ulcer with them. My husband stopped taking any other medications. After 8 months of daily intake of these two products, the surgery became redundant. Doctors said the ulcer had decreased and was almost invisible. They asked us what was the treatment we used and we told them. One of the doctors said he would recommend the products to his patients because he had seen the huge wound my husband had before. Thus, I have decided to share this treatment with everyone who suffers my husband’s condition. Do not despair and start treatment with HEALTH tincture and Walnut Oil with Vitamin E!

Be healthy and good luck!

Gergana Rusimova, Veliko Tarnovo

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