Georgi Angelov

Four years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. It all started from the knee of my left leg. It swelled like a soccer ball and started to get feverish. Then the ankles on both my legs followed. In the mornings I could hardly get up as I was extremely stiff. I couldn’t go to work.

I visited various doctors… At first they thought I had a torn miniscus. They did various tests of the blood, the joints, they even did magnetic resonance imaging and – nothing… Finally, they diagnosed me with arthritis and prescribed a super heavy artillery of medications.

A friend mentioned the STAVIXINE tincture to me. He had taken it for herniated disc and said it had helped him a lot. I immediately ordered STAVIXINE and started taking it 3 times per day. I was very surprised by what happened. On the 15th day of intake, I felt I was getting better. My stiffness decreased and I could walk outside. Until then, I couldn’t get out! Slowly, slowly I started to walk and I felt that my knee temperature returned to normal.

I have been taking STAVIXINE tincture for over 9 months and I am very happy because I fell much, much better. I did not buy the expensive medications that would have ruined my kidneys and liver, as I continue to take the STAVIXINE tincture. For those seeking salvation… I have found it! This is the salvation!

Georgi Angelov, Vratsa

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