Dimitrinka Panayotova

It all started a couple of years ago, when after meals I had several episodes with terrible cutting pains in my back and neck. I also had a feeling like food was stuck in my food pipe and that caused me great pain, it was similar to choking on food. I was diagnosed with esophageal spasm + reflux. Nobody told me what caused this spasm.

These eating problems dramatically impaired the quality of my life. My symptoms were daily nausea, especially after breakfast, and at times I felt my esophagus was full and I sometimes forced vomiting, because it was suffocating me. Other times I vomited involuntarily. I had acids every day. I stopped drinking soda and eating tomatoes. I avoided sour foods. I was prescribed two medicines. One was causing me diarrhea and the other – constipation. Even taking them, my situation was very bad. I did not feel that they were particularly helpful for my symptoms. I wasn’t given anything for the spasm. My medications were only for the reflux.

After a year of living in hell, I read about the HEALTH tincture and Walnut Oil with Vitamin E. I started taking them and only after 1 month (want to highlight this – only after 1 month) all the awful symptoms described above disappeared. This saved me from the horror! I took Walnut Oil with Vitamin E and HEALTH tincture for almost a year because I wanted to make sure my health was restored completely. The gastroscopy results were more than excellent. I returned to being human again and regained my health!

Thank you very much and continue helping people! Be healthy too!

Dimitrinka Panayotova, Burgas