Desi Velinova

I would like to tell you how IMMUNE tincture saved me from a vicious cycle. I have always had strong immunity. I never got seriously sick until last fall. I got severe flu and in addition a severe sinus inflammation. Sneezing, coughing, watery eyes and a on top of it – dermatitis. For half a year, I took an entire drug store and visited at least a dozen doctors. Everything worked only temporarily… There were doctors… medications… and a serious strain on my body. I was getting really worried… I didn’t know where to go… I felt helpless!

I read about IMMUNE tincture on the Internet and after only two weeks intake, I was free of problems I couldn’t fix all year. Thank you!

I continue to take the IMMUNE tincture every 3 months and up to now I have not had any problems with my immunity.

Desi Velinova

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