Daniela Vaseva

My name is Daniela Vaseva and I am from Sofia. Doctors diagnosed me with herniated discs of the large median L4-L5 L5-S1. I was desperate. I had severe pain and could not move at all. I spent about 6 months in hospitals, on painkiller injections, but NOTHING was helping. I was frenzied by the pain in my lower back and my numbed left foot. I couldn’t feel my toes. I couldn’t walk at all. My mother was overwhelmed by my helpless condition and went to see different doctors. After seeing my X-Ray, a professor said I urgently needed an operation. As there wasn’t any other way… I agreed to the surgery.

Then, by chance, an acquaintance who had initial stage of osteoporosis and had recovered, recommended to try the STAVIXINE tincture before going for a surgery. I decided to make this last attempt, as I had already tried everything and there was no effect…. I was scheduled for surgery after two months… but to this day I have not undergone surgery.

I started taking STAVIXINE tincture and after 14-15 days I felt a slight improvement. I couldn’t be sure if it is from the tincture so kept taking it. In the meantime, my stomach got better – before that the medications had ruined my intestines and I couldn’t eat anything. I was getting better and better every day. The lower back pain was gradually diminishing and I started to feel my left foot again…. and I began to walk again!

I will be forever grateful to you for getting me back on my feet!

Now an acquaintance is taking the STAVIXINE tincture for arthritis and I can see that she is improving too!

Thank you very much! Be healthy!”

Daniela Vaseva, Sofia

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