Daniel Nikolov

For me, things started after a long intake of antibiotics which I was prescribed for a bacterial infection in the throat. For two months and because of wrong treatment, I had to take antibiotics for 30 days. After a while, I got pain in my lower chest and I had difficulty breathing (like being short-winded). My GP sent me to a gastroenterologist and they diagnosed me with GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). I was prescribed a proton pump inhibitor for 21 days. There wasn’t any improvement. The symptoms returned.

A woman had written about Walnut Oil with Vitamin E and HEALTH tincture on the Internet. She shared they helped her to heal GERD and other stomach problems she had, so I decided to try them. I didn’t think they would help me, but this turned out to be my healing and salvation! For about 7 months, I have been taking the HEALTH tincture and Walnut Oil with Vitamin E and all my stomach problems disappeared. I started eating normal food, and before that I ate only boiled potatoes and rice. Now my menu contains foods that I couldn’t eat for almost a year. These herbal products are unique! They healed my stomach! I highly recommend them to anyone who suffers from my problem.

Daniel Nikolov, Pernik

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