Cornelia Vitova

Hi, my name is Cornelia Vitova from Sofia. 3 years ago I experienced a big nightmare, when after two months of visiting doctors, they found me a median disc hernia  L4-L5 L5-S1. I was completely desperate. I had severe pains and I couldn’t move at all. Nearly 6 months I was lying in hospitals, being on injections and painkillers and NOTHING helped me. The pain in my waist and my left leg were getting me crazy. I started losing sensation in my toes, I couldn’t walk at all. I decided to go into surgery to a professor. My mother was very anxious because of the helpless state I was into and decided to visit several doctors. When one of the professors saw the picture he said that I definitely needed surgery and that it had to be done as soon as possible. Anyway, if there’s no other option…

Then, by accident, an acquaintance of mine who happened to had an initial form of osteoporosis and managed to recover, advised me to try, before attending operation, the herbal tincture Stavixine. I decided to give it a chance for one last time, because I had previously tried almost everything and there was no effect…… After two months I was scheduled for a surgery… But to this day I still haven’t attended operation.

I started taking the herbal tincture Stavixine and after 14-15 days I felt a slight improvement. I couldn’t exactly define, whether it was from this, so I kept drinking the tincture. Meanwhile my stomach recovered from the medications, which had ruined my guts and prevented me from eating anything. I was getting better from day to day. The pains in the waist gradually decreased and I started feeling my left leg once again…. so i managed to “walk” again.

I will always be grateful to you for getting me back on my feet.

Now an acquaintance of mine is drinking the herbal tincture Stavixine for arthritis and I can see that she is getting better also!

Thank you very much and be healthy! “

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