Individual Consultation with Venera Vasileva

My name is Venera Vasileva and for 12 years I have been working with people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, musculoskeletal system, heart and vascular system. The medications these people were taking did not have any results, thus they resorted to using herbal medicine, because they wanted good health.


Before I decided to take up herbal medicine, I had a life-threatening problem. For 7 months, no doctor could diagnose me, and I was slowly dying at home. I was prescribed various antibiotics to no avail. And then I developed sepsis and spent a month in a hospital. In the hospital I was crucified with venous catheters and vegetated between life and death.

Many people in my condition did not leave the hospital alive, but I did! Then I promised myself that I would find a cure for my condition and for many other ailments. I owed it! I owed it to all who were not so lucky and died. I owed it to all who would find themselves walking my path and wonder what to do! The reason I created these herbal products was that more people could take care of their health and rest assured that there is treatment for their condition!

I haven’t stopped asking doctors – asking my questions and those of my clients – but I was not satisfied with the information I was receiving. Thus I decided to take a Degree in Chemistry and graduated as a Medications Technologist. I attended workshops in psychology, yoga courses, medical cosmetics classes. I have been working with Bulgarian Academy of Science professors. I have organized clinical research of the products Health Again offers.

What makes my consultations different is that in them:

  • I share with you my 15 years of experience in holistic medicine;
  • I give you the shortest route to your good health;
  • I save you a lot of nerves, time and money which you will invest if you look for the right solution of your health problem by yourself.

Furthermore, I create for you a tailored diet and assist you in finding the right nutritional supplements for your condition which will lead to your fast healing and recovery. Last, but not least, I develop for you an individual system for creating and maintaining a healthy mental attitude focused on overcoming disease oriented patterns and building the right physical and mental system.

Many of my former clients are healthy now. People who were supposed to undergo difficult surgeries are working on ships in Belgium. Others, instead of leading handicapped life with a bag of pills, wondering how to make the ends meet on a disability pension, are working in London and enjoy a good standard of living. A client of mine, who before meeting with me fought her disease for a year, is now enjoying a new job and is taking care of her grandchildren. This is what I do for my clients. Because that is how it should be…


If you want to resolve your health problem, do not hesitate to start your change now!
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