Bonka Georgieva

I would like to tell you about our case. My son is 3-years old and he was born with atypical dermatitis. His skin was very dry and was constantly pealing. I can’t describe how many ointments I used and how many medications he took to no avail.

Once we were in the bus and a mother recommend to try the combination of the VENIGREEN ointment and IMMUNO tincture. She explained that after 15 years of fighting atypical dermatitis, thanks to these herbal products her daughter completely healed! I couldn’t believe that there was anything that can help my son, but I followed her advise and ordered both the VENIGREEN ointment and IMMUNO tincture.

I have to tell you that as early as the second week, my son’s skin began to heal. All the red spots he had on his face and on the soft parts of his arms and legs – all of them began to heal. Using these products for almost 6 months we solved a problem we were carrying around for 3 years!

I strongly recommend these products to all mothers whose children suffer! This is the solution!

Bonka Georgieva, Burgas

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