How to Relieve Lower Back, Neck and Back Pain without Taking Medicine?

Dear friends, Lower back, neck and back pain, restless sleep at night, and tension throughout the day… Does this sound familiar? Most likely the answer is “yes” as lower back and back pain are among the most common neurological conditions. According to various studies, about 70 to 75% of the people worldwide complain of back […]

Daniela Vaseva

My name is Daniela Vaseva and I am from Sofia. Doctors diagnosed me with herniated discs of the large median L4-L5 L5-S1. I was desperate. I had severe pain and could not move at all. I spent about 6 months in hospitals, on painkiller injections, but NOTHING was helping. I was frenzied by the pain […]

Plamena Angelova

My name is Plamena Angelova and I am from Varna. Two years ago, I had severe pain and swelling in some of the joints of my fingers and hands, with more swelling and pain in my right hand. At some point, I couldn’t do almost anything with my hands. Even when I was doing nothing […]

Ivanka Petrova

My name is Ivanka Petrova and I am from Sofia. 4 years ago I had serious bowel problems – gurgling, swelling, constipation, and cramps, not to mention that I could hardly eat anything as I had continuous heartburn. I visited many gastroenterologists and they all prescribed different medications. I improved for a while and then […]

Kalina Metodieva

I want to tell you about the horror I experienced a year ago. I got varicose veins from standing for 12 hours every day. In the summer I couldn’t take my shoes off, my veins looked like hanging ropes. At night I was having incredible pain, itching and swelling. I slept on pillows to relieve […]

Veronica Ilieva

I would like to share about the VENIGREEN tincture and VENIGREEN ointment. My father had severe varicose veins and two open wounds. After only 8 months of using VENIGREEN tincture and VENIGREEN ointment the wounds have closed and new skin has regrown. Thank you ! Veronica Ilieva, Stara Zagora

Sylvia Petrova

My name is Sylvia Petrova and I am from Sofia. A year ago, I was diagnosed with herniated disc L5-C1 which was confirmed via MRI. In January 2018, I was desperate and sought help from various sources. Twice I had to be admitted to hospital as I was completely immobilized. I felt that I had […]

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