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Daniela Vaseva

My name is Daniela Vaseva and I am from Sofia. Doctors diagnosed me with herniated discs of the large median L4-L5 L5-S1. I was desperate. I had severe pain and could not move at all. I spent about 6 months in hospitals, on painkiller injections, but NOTHING was helping. I was frenzied by the pain […]

Plamena Angelova

My name is Plamena Angelova and I am from Varna. Two years ago, I had severe pain and swelling in some of the joints of my fingers and hands, with more swelling and pain in my right hand. At some point, I couldn’t do almost anything with my hands. Even when I was doing nothing […]

Ivanka Petrova

My name is Ivanka Petrova and I am from Sofia. 4 years ago I had serious bowel problems – gurgling, swelling, constipation, and cramps, not to mention that I could hardly eat anything as I had continuous heartburn. I visited many gastroenterologists and they all prescribed different medications. I improved for a while and then […]

Kalina Metodieva

I want to tell you about the horror I experienced a year ago. I got varicose veins from standing for 12 hours every day. In the summer I couldn’t take my shoes off, my veins looked like hanging ropes. At night I was having incredible pain, itching and swelling. I slept on pillows to relieve […]

Veronica Ilieva

I would like to share about the VENIGREEN tincture and VENIGREEN ointment. My father had severe varicose veins and two open wounds. After only 8 months of using VENIGREEN tincture and VENIGREEN ointment the wounds have closed and new skin has regrown. Thank you ! Veronica Ilieva, Stara Zagora

Sylvia Petrova

My name is Sylvia Petrova and I am from Sofia. A year ago, I was diagnosed with herniated disc L5-C1 which was confirmed via MRI. In January 2018, I was desperate and sought help from various sources. Twice I had to be admitted to hospital as I was completely immobilized. I felt that I had […]

Georgi Angelov

Four years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. It all started from the knee of my left leg. It swelled like a soccer ball and started to get feverish. Then the ankles on both my legs followed. In the mornings I could hardly get up as I was extremely stiff. I couldn’t go to […]

Cornelia Vitova

Hi, my name is Cornelia Vitova from Sofia. 3 years ago I experienced a big nightmare, when after two months of visiting doctors, they found me a median disc hernia  L4-L5 L5-S1. I was completely desperate. I had severe pains and I couldn’t move at all. Nearly 6 months I was lying in hospitals, being […]

Bonka Georgieva

I would like to tell you about our case. My son is 3-years old and he was born with atypical dermatitis. His skin was very dry and was constantly pealing. I can’t describe how many ointments I used and how many medications he took to no avail. Once we were in the bus and a […]

Sylvia Spassova

Last year I got a very serious flu which developed into bilateral pneumonia. I was admitted to hospital and took two antibiotics. But after that my problems continued. Two months after leaving the hospital I became sick again, but somehow managed to stabilize my health. Then in January my father died and most likely from […]

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